Jun 7, 2017

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Dance Classes Toronto- Studying Los Angeles Salsa

Another popular Salsa style taught at Dance Salsa In Toronto.  This style of Salsa is the most popular style of Salsa danced in Toronto Salsa clubs.  This style of Salsa being taught in our Salsa lessons is a more relaxed version compared to Cuban Salsa.  There are not as much intricate hand patterns and is usually focused on the spins performed by the follower (woman).  Since this LA Salsa is heavily influenced by ballroom there are very few spins for leaders (men).  A lot of the figures and turn patterns in LA Salsa is borrowed and incorporated into this style from other dances such as Jazz, Ballroom, and Contemporary. Visit here : dance lessons

The position exchange in LA Salsa occurs in a slot instead of a circle like in Cuban Salsa.  During your Salsa lessons when a turn pattern is taught where the leader and the follower have to exchange positions, the leader should end up in the follower’s previous spot and vice versa as if you were in a narrow hallway or slot.

Emphasis during our Salsa lessons will also be focused on shines (where the partners break away from each other to perform and express their individual moves and styles).  This allows both the partners to enjoy the music and take a short break from leading and following.

Although typically not as intricate as Cuban Salsa, LA Salsa often appears to be very vibrant in its own way with advance turn patterns, multiple spins, and dips.  Despite the fact that this is the more common style of Salsa, at Dance Salsa In Toronto we will always emphasis on proper lead and following technique during our Salsa classes / lessons to not have students fall into the mindset of a memorized choreography.